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Issue 1: Help Wanted 

Shawn McArthur , Phil Leon, Chris Cole

Shane McKee was sent from lightyears away to retrieve a girl from Staten Island before she gets killed by the hands of Ovid of the Exiled. You'd think that picking up a simple Earthling would be easy. Unfortunately, he has some work cut out for him, And why wouldn't it be? She's only the "Savior of the Multiverse"...Get your Digital Copy of Home and Worlds Beyond Issue 1.



Issue 2: The Unregistered Male
Jodi Dareal 

With a corrupt system and an evil queen, things aren’t going very well in Mavolia. She has been abusing her power and she must be stopped. One woman’s vengeance could lead to the fall of an entire nation. While another woman’s hope might lead them back to peace. A man from another world is thrown into to the mix. It’s up to Princess Imara to keep him safe.

Home And Worlds Beyond 

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